We are accepting donations in person at the WTTC January and February meetings, as well as at United Source One and via Amazon delivery.

Address for drop offs:  United Source One, 4610 Mercedes Drive, Belcamp MD 21017.

Address for deliveries from Amazon:   Kellie Moran, C/O United Source One, 4610 Mercedes Drive, Belcamp MD 21017.   Office Access Hours:  Monday – Friday 6am to 4pm

We will confirm every order received so please use the “Is This a GIFT” feature for your name so we know who to reach out to.  A quick email to let us know it is coming would also be helpful.

Emails for Kellie:   kellie@unitedsourceone.com            kellie21903@gmail.com                   Email for Kylie:      koakes25@gmail.com

We can also make arrangements for pick ups.

This is a huge outpouring of support for our communities.   We thank you for your generosity and for donating to the Toiletry Drive!